Save to File  

Once you've selected and edited your pictures or scanned documents, the Finish screen displays.  On the Finish screen you can choose to save the images to your computer, a disk, or a removable storage device.


Saving your pictures as files

1   On the Finish screen, select Save to File.

2   Click Browse to select a destination for the file.

3   Type a name into the File Name field.

Note: When saving selected pages as individual files, numbered file names are created. For example, if the file name Scan is used, files will be named Scan, Scan1, Scan2, Scan3, etc.

4   Select a file type from the Save As drop-down list.
Select any additional options.


When choosing the jpg image file type, select a quality level by using the slide-bar. A higher quality setting will result in a larger file size.


When choosing the .rtf or .pdf document file types, indicate if you want the images combined into a single, multi-page document file.


5   Make final adjustments to each image:

a)   Use the and keys to preview each image.

b)   Use the buttons on the image to:

Zoom in

Zoom out

Rotate the image


c)   Click and drag within the image to align the image.

6   Click Save.
The selected images are saved.

7   Select another action or click Done.


Use buttons at the bottom of the Finish screen to:

Select More

Add images to the picture tray.


Return to the previous screen.


Save selected images to file(s).


Empty the picture tray and return to the main screen.