KODAK EASYSHARE C160/C180 Digital Camera — Extended user guide

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2 Taking pictures/videos

Using different modes

Turn the Mode dial to the mode that best suits your subjects and surroundings.

Use this mode For


General picture taking—it offers excellent image quality and ease of use.

The scene is analyzed for other content and for lighting.

You can choose the best picture size and aspect ratio for your needs—just press the Menu button and choose Picture Size.

  • 3:2 (the best choice when making 4 x 6 prints)

  • 16:9 (wide screen)

  • 4:3 (the default setting)


Close range. Use available light instead of flash, if possible.


Subjects that are in motion.


Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures in practically any situation. (See Using Scene (SCN) modes.)

Blur Reduction

Reducing blur caused by camera shake or subject motion.


Capturing video with sound. (See Taking a video.)

NOTE: Sound cannot be played on the camera. Sound is heard after the video is transferred to your computer.

Using Scene (SCN) modes

Choose a Scene mode—for great pictures in practically any situation!

  1. Turn the Mode dial to SCN.

  2. Press to view scene mode descriptions.

    If the mode description turns off before you finish reading it, press OK.

  3. Press OK to choose a Scene mode.

SCN mode For


Full-frame portraits of people.


Distant scenes.


Close-ups of flowers or other small subjects in bright light.


Subjects at dusk.


Subjects that are in shadow or "backlit" (when light is behind the subject).

Candle Light

Subjects illuminated by candle light.


Action pictures of children in bright light.

Manner/ Museum

Quiet occasions, like a wedding or lecture. Flash and sound are disabled. Place the camera on a steady surface or tripod.


Documents. Place the camera on a steady surface or tripod.


Bright beach scenes.


Bright snow scenes.


Fireworks. Place the camera on a steady surface or tripod.

Self- Portrait

Close-ups of yourself. Assures proper focus and minimizes red eye.

Night Portrait

Reduces red eye of people in night scenes or low-light conditions.

Night Landscape

Distant scenery at night. Flash does not fire.

High ISO

People indoors, in low-light scenes.

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