KODAK ESP 5200 Series All-in-One Printer — Extended User Guide

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7 Maintaining Your Printer

Replacing ink cartridges

Your printer uses both black and color ink cartridges. You can check the approximate ink levels on the LCD (see Checking ink levels) or in Home Center Software. When an ink cartridge is out of ink, the printer LCD displays a message stating that the black or color ink cartridge needs replacing.

IMPORTANT: Do not use non-Kodak brand or refilled ink cartridges.

To replace an ink cartridge:

  1. Make sure your printer is on.

  2. Lift the printer access door, and wait for the carriage to move to a position where you can access it.

    The ink cartridges are located in the printhead.

  3. Pinch the tab on the ink cartridge and lift it out of the printhead.

  4. Remove the new ink cartridge from its bag.

    IMPORTANT: To prevent the printhead from drying out, insert the ink cartridge into the printhead immediately.

  5. Remove the protective cap from the cartridge.

  6. Insert the ink cartridge into the printhead.

  7. Press down on the ink cartridge tab until you hear a click.

  8. Close the printer access door.

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