KODAK ESP 5200 Series All-in-One Printer — Extended User Guide

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8 Troubleshooting

Getting help on the Web

For more troubleshooting information:

Get help with wireless networking.


Search our knowledge base of Answers to Questions.

www.kodak.com/go/esp5250support or www.kodak.com/go/esp5210support

Download the latest firmware and software for optimal printer performance.

www.kodak.com/go/esp5250downloads or www.kodak.com/go/esp5210downloads

Check the Extended User Guide for detailed instructions and the recommended system requirements.


Get help with problems you cannot resolve.

Contact Kodak at www.kodak.com/go/contact and have the following information available:

  • Kodak Service Number (located inside the printer when you open the printer access door)

  • Printer model number (located on the control panel)

  • Computer model, operating system, and version of Home Center Software

  • Exact wording of any error message(s) and the error code

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