KODAK ESP 3200 Series All-in-One Printer — Includes Information for the: ESP 3250 All-in-One Printer ESP 3260 All-in-One Printer

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1 Printer Overview

Home Center Software

KODAK Home Center Software is installed as part of the software installation on your computer. The Home Center icon will appear on your desktop. Use this icon to start Home Center Software.

Home Center Software for WINDOWS OS-based computers

On a WINDOWS OS-based computer, you can use Home Center Software to browse and edit pictures, print, copy, scan, order supplies, access the Extended User Guide, and configure your all-in-one printer from your computer. You can also access the KODAK Tips and Projects Center Web site or upgrade your printer with a newer version of software and/or firmware.

Clicking one of the three icons located in the upper-right corner of Home Center Software does the following:

Home - takes you to the main Home Center Software window from other functions within Home Center Software

Tools - displays menu options, including links to Kodak sites, troubleshooting, and maintenance functions

Help - displays a Help panel for Home Center Software

Home Center Software for MACINTOSH Computers

On a MACINTOSH Computer, Home Center Software has three panes: Select, Tools, and Maintenance. These panes let you do the following:

Select pane — select your printer from a list of connected printers and check the printer ink levels.

Tools pane — start a scan, select scanning settings, change Home Center Software settings, and restore all factory default settings.

Maintenance pane — print a test page, align and clean the printhead, and initiate an upload of diagnostic data for service personnel.

From any pane, you can order supplies from the KODAK Web site and view the status of your printer.

From the File menu of Home Center Software, you can check for software updates.

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