KODAK ESP 3200 Series All-in-One Printer — Includes Information for the: ESP 3250 All-in-One Printer ESP 3260 All-in-One Printer

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8 Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting

Some problems can be resolved quickly by power cycling the printer: Turn off your printer. Wait five seconds. Turn on the printer.

Use the following information to help troubleshoot problems with your printer.

For more troubleshooting information, go to:

Problem Possible Solutions

Printer does not power on

  • Make sure you are using the power cord that came with your printer.

  • Make sure the power cord is connected to the AC adapter and is plugged into an outlet or power strip.

  • If the USB 2.0 cable was disconnected from the printer, then reconnected, or if power to the printer was interrupted, restart the computer.

Printer not detected

  • Make sure your printer is plugged in and turned on.

  • Make sure:

    • you have a USB 2.0 cable.

    • that the USB cable is connected to both your printer and your computer.

Printhead carriage jam

  • Open the printer access door and clear any obstructions.

  • Check that the printhead and ink cartridges are installed correctly. (The printhead and ink cartridges are installed correctly when you hear them click into place.)

Image quality problems

  • For best results, use KODAK Paper or a paper with the COLORLOK Technology logo on the package.

  • Make sure the paper is loaded correctly. See Loading paper

  • For more help, go to www.kodak.com/go/itg, select All-in-one printer, then Print Quality (missing colors, blank prints, etc).

Ink cartridge problems

  • Check that KODAK Ink Cartridge(s) are installed. Do not use non-Kodak brand or refilled ink cartridges.

  • Remove, then install the cartridges again. Make sure the cartridges click into place.

Paper jam

  • Check for paper in the rear-access cleanout area.

  • Open the printer access door and gently remove any paper from inside the printer.

  • Make sure the paper in the tray is free of tears or creases.

  • Make sure you do not overload the paper tray.

For more information, see www.kodak.com/go/itg. Select All-in-one printer , then Paper jam .

Error messages or other problems you cannot resolve

If you need to contact Kodak (see www.kodak.com/go/contact), have the following information available:

  • Kodak Service Number (located inside or on the outside of the printer)

  • Printer mode number (located on the back of the printer)

  • Computer model, operating system, and version of Home Center Software

  • Exact wording of any error message(s)

For more troubleshooting information, go to www.kodak.com/go/esp3250support.

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