KODAK EASYSHARE Z981 Digital Camera — Extended user guide

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4 Reviewing and editing

Using the RAW Develop feature

In P, A, S, M, Sport, Portrait, and SCN modes, you can take pictures as the RAW file type. A RAW file is not compressed, offers greater dynamic range, and contains more color information. The RAW Develop feature lets you develop, edit (picture size, quality, exposure compensation, color mode, sharpness, and white balance), and save RAW files as Fine, Standard, or Basic. (The original RAW file is preserved.) You can edit RAW files in KODAK EASYSHARE Software.

  1. Press the Review button, then to find a picture.

  2. Press the Menu button, then to highlight the Capture tab.

  3. Press to choose RAW File Develop, then press OK.

  4. Press to choose options and to make adjustments:

    • Picture Quality

    • Color Mode

    • File Type

    • Sharpness

    • Exposure Compensation

    • White Balance

  5. When finished, press to choose Develop RAW File, then press OK.

To access your camera's Help system, see Getting help from your camera.

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