KODAK EASYSHARE MINI Camera / M200 — Extended user guide

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8 Appendix

Battery replacement, battery life

KODAK Li-ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery KLIC-7006 (710 mAh): 200 pictures per charge. Battery life per CIPA testing method. (Approx. number of pictures in Smart Capture mode, using an SD Card.) Actual life may vary based on usage.

Extending battery life

  • Use power-saving features, such as LCD Brightness ( ).

  • Charge the battery whenever necessary.

  • Dirt on the battery contacts can affect battery life. Wipe the contacts with a clean, dry cloth before loading the battery in the camera.

  • Battery performance is reduced at temperatures below 41° F (5° C). When using your camera in cold weather, carry spare batteries and keep them warm. Do not discard cold batteries that do not work; when they return to room temperature, they may be usable.

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