KODAK HERO 9.1 All-in-One Printer — Extended User Guide

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1 Printer Overview

Configuring printer settings

NOTE: When you first power on the printer, the LCD prompts you to select the Language and Country/Region.

To set or change basic printer settings:

  1. Press .

  2. Touch , then touch Printer Settings.

  3. Touch the following settings:

    • Date and Time

      • Touch or to select Year, Month, Day, Hour, or Minute. Touch each setting to change the values; touch when you are done.

      NOTE: You can also synchronize the printer date and time to your computer using Home Center Software.

    • Button Sounds

      • Touch On, Off, Soft, or Loud to set.

    • Time to Low Power

      To conserve energy, you can set your printer to go into a low-power mode after a set amount of time.

      • Touch the time to low power (select from 1 to 4 hours in 0.5 hour increments). After the time to low power, the printer enters a low-power (sleep) mode.

    • Tagged Images Printing

      • Touch On or Off to set.

    • Language

      • Touch or to scroll through the languages, then touch a selection.

    • Country/Region

      • Touch or to scroll through the countries or regions, then touch a selection.

    • Reset All Settings (see Resetting factory defaults)

      NOTE: Resetting factory defaults does not change the date and time, language, country/region, or network settings.

    • Printer Info

      • Touch to display the version of firmware currently running on your printer.

    • Features Demonstration

      • This feature is typically used by retailers to demonstrate the printer's features.

  4. Press to return to the Home Screen.

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