Sharing pictures and videos

The KODAK Share Button App automatically completes your requests to copy and share pictures each time you connect the camera to your computer.

1   On the camera, use the Share button to mark pictures and videos for sharing.
You can share to:

2   Connect.

Using a USB cable or memory card drive

Using a wireless connection

a)  Connect the camera memory card or the camera itself (using the USB cable) to your computer.  The Share Button App automatically opens.

: If pictures are marked for sharing, make sure your computer has an active Internet connection.

In the Share Button App:

    • a summary of sharing requests appears.

    • your sharing requests and save-to-computer preferences are carried out.

    • a summary of completed tasks appears.

b)  Click OK.


If a KODAK SLICE Touchscreen Camera is connected, options to manage the SLICE Camera album appear.

c)  Disconnect the camera from your computer, or return the memory card to the camera.

KODAK EASYSHARE Wireless Cameras can complete picture and video sharing using a Wi-Fi connection, while the camera battery recharges.  To do this:

a)  Connect this computer to the home network and log on to the account where the Share Button App resides.

b)  Connect the camera to AC power within range of the home wireless network.

The camera turns on, carries out your save-to-computer preferences, and sends any queued sharing requests.

Check the KODAK Wireless Utility icon for the status of these wireless activities. Click the icon for a menu of options.


A security code prompt appears the first time your camera attempts a Wi-Fi connection to the computer. Enter the code that appears on the camera display.

Future connections to the same computer do not require re-entering this code.




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