KODAK Wireless Utility for the KODAK Share Button App

The wireless utility* automatically carries out any sharing and save-to-computer preferences you've selected for your EASYSHARE Wireless Camera whenever it sees the camera connected to your home network. The utility appears as a Share Button icon on your computer:

The icon's appearance indicates the current status of wireless activities:

The wireless utility is in standby mode.  

NOTE: This icon becomes animated when a wireless session is active.

A wireless transfer successfully completed. View the Wi-Fi session results to reset the icon.

A wireless transfer completed with errors. View the Wi-Fi session results to reset the icon.

Click the icon to select a menu option:

Show Last Wi-Fi Session Results

Displays a detailed report about the most recent wireless session completed by the camera.

Show Last Saved Pictures

Opens a view of the picture and video files that were most recently saved to this computer from the wireless camera.

Cancel Wi-Fi Save/Share Session

Cancels the wireless session that is currently in progress.


Opens this help page.  Click Show in the help window to explore additional help for your wireless camera.

* This utility is automatically installed when you set up a KODAK EASYSHARE Wireless Camera using the KODAK Share Button App.