Kodak EasyShare photo printer 500 — User's Guide

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2 Printing without a computer

Printing tagged (DPOF) pictures

If your device or card contains pictures that are tagged for printing (DPOF—digital print order format), the photo printer gives you the option to print tagged pictures first.

NOTE: If your camera can take pictures in 3:2 aspect ratio, use this setting. 3:2 ensures that your pictures are proportional to the photo printer paper. See your camera user's guide for details.

  • To print tagged pictures—press the Print button.

    The Print light blinks and tagged pictures are printed. Print tags are removed from tagged pictures on your camera or card as they are printed.

  • To bypass printing of tagged pictures—press the Cancel button.

Tagging pictures for printing

Your camera may let you tag pictures for printing (DPOF), then print only the tagged pictures. See your camera user's guide for details.

NOTE: The following procedure pertains to Kodak EasyShare digital cameras. For information on creating a DPOF on other cameras, see the camera user's guide.

  1. Press the Share button. Press to locate a picture.

  2. Make sure Print is highlighted (to tag all pictures in the current image storage location, highlight Print All ), then press the OK button.

  3. Press to select the number of copies (0 - 99). The default is one. Zero removes the tag for a selected picture. To apply a print quantity to other pictures, press to locate them.

    The Print icon is displayed in the status area.

  4. Press the OK button. Press the Share button to exit.

NOTE: To remove print tagging from all pictures: from the Share menu, highlight Cancel Prints , then press the OK button.

To print tagged pictures from your computer, see Printing from a computer.

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