Kodak EasyShare G600 printer dock — User's guide

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3 Printing without a computer

Changing the printed picture layout

  1. Follow the steps (except for Press ) to print from your digital camera (Printing from your digital camera) or PictBridge compatible device (Printing from a PictBridge compatible device).

    NOTE: You can only change the picture layout if a device with a display screen is docked or connected to your printer dock.

  2. Press the Print Layout button, , repeatedly to select a picture layout:

    Picture Layout setting

    Number and size of prints per sheet

    1-up (full photo)

    One 4 x 6 in. (102 x 152 mm) picture


    Up to two 3 x 4 in. (76 x 102 mm) pictures

    4-up (wallet size)

    Up to four 2 x 3 in. (51 x 76 mm) pictures

    9-up (mini photo)

    Up to nine 1.3 x 2 in. (34 x 51 mm) pictures

  3. Press to return to the main review screen. Press again to begin printing.

To change the default picture layout:

  • Select a picture-layout, then press and hold the Print Layout button, , for 4–5 seconds.

    The cartridge and paper status lights blink red for 2 seconds then turn off. The selected picture layout appears on the docked camera screen.

Effect of picture layout on number of copies

When printing tagged pictures (see Printing tagged pictures), the number of copies that are printed is determined by the setting on your camera or device. For example, if three pictures on your camera are each tagged for printing one copy, and the 4-up option on the printer dock is selected, three 2 x 3 in. (51 x 76 mm) pictures are printed on one sheet of paper.

For best results, use your camera's 3:2 picture size setting to avoid cropping (see your camera user's guide).

NOTE: When printing from a PictBridge compatible device (see Printing from a PictBridge compatible device), picture size and number of copies are determined by the device's multi-up and copies settings. Change these settings on your device before printing. If the picture layout selected on your device does not match any of the sizes on the printer dock, then the closest picture layout on the printer dock is automatically selected.

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