Kodak EasyShare C713/C813/CD703 zoom digital camera — User's guide

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4 Doing more with your camera

Customizing your camera

Use Setup to customize your camera settings.

  1. In any mode, press the Menu button.

  2. Press to highlight Setup, then press OK.

  3. Press to highlight a setting, then press OK.

  4. Choose an option, then press OK.

  5. Press the Menu button to exit.

NOTE: Press the LCD/Info button for information about camera settings and options. These settings remain until you change them.

Press Menu, to highlight Setup, then OK to access settings Options

Return to previous menu.

Camera Sounds

Choose sound effects.

All On (default)

Shutter Only

All Off

Auto Power Off

Choose inactivity time until camera turns off.

10 minutes

5 minutes

3 minutes (default)

1 minute

Date & Time

See Setting the language, date/time.

Date Stamp

Imprint the date on pictures.

Choose a date option, or turn off the feature. (Default is off.)

Video Date Display

Display Date/Time at the start of video playback.

On (default) choose from date formats.


Blur Warning

See Understanding blur warning icons.

On Off


See Setting the language, date/time.


Formatting deletes all pictures/videos, including those that are protected. Removing a card during formatting may damage the card.

Memory Card - deletes everything on the card; formats the card.

Cancel - exits this setting.

Internal Memory - deletes everything in internal memory including email addresses, album names, and favorites; formats the internal memory.


View camera information.

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