Kodak EasyShare M763/M863/MD863 digital camera — Extended User Guide

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4 Doing more with your camera

Customizing your camera

Use Setup to customize your camera settings.

  1. In any mode, press the Menu button.

  2. Press to highlight Setup, then press OK.

  3. Press to highlight a setting, then press OK.

  4. Choose an option, then press OK.

  5. Press the Menu button to exit.

note: Press the T (Telephoto Zoom) button for information about camera settings and options. These settings remain until you change them.

Press Menu, , , and OK to access settings Options

LCD Brightness

Power Save

High Power

Image Storage

Choose a storage location for pictures/videos.

Auto - the camera uses the card if one is in the camera. If not, the camera uses internal memory.

Internal Memory - the camera always uses internal memory, even if a card is installed.

Set Album

Choose Album names.

You can apply different Set Album choices to videos and to pictures.


Clear All - selected album settings are cancelled.

See Pre-tagging for album names.

Orientation Sensor

Orient pictures/videos so that they are displayed with the correct side up.



Camera Sounds

Choose sound effects.

Themes - applies the same sound effect set to all functions.

Individual - choose a sound effect for each function.

Sound Volume





Date & Time

See Setting the language, date/time.

Auto Power Off

Choose inactivity time until camera turns off.

10 minutes

5 minutes

3 minutes

1 minute

Video Out

Choose the regional setting that lets you connect the camera to a television or other external device.

NTSC - used in North America and Japan.

PAL - used in Europe and China.


See Setting the language, date/time.

Reset Camera

Available in all modes except SCN-Custom.

Reset settings to their default.


Formatting deletes all pictures/videos, including those that are protected. Removing a card during formatting may damage the card.

Memory Card - deletes everything on the card; formats the card.

Cancel - exits this setting.

Internal Memory - deletes everything in internal memory including email addresses, album names, and favorites; formats the internal memory.


View camera information.

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