Kodak EasyShare M1033/M2008 digital camera — User's guide

Table of Contents > Setting up your camera > Charging the battery

1 Setting up your camera

Charging the battery

Learn more about USB charging


More information on batteries

See Battery replacement, battery life

Charging the battery using other accessories

First, turn OFF the camera. Charge until the Battery Charging light stays on.

Kodak 5V AC adapter

(May be sold separately.)

Kodak EasyShare camera or printer dock; EasyShare HDTV dock

(May be sold separately.)

For dock compatibility, see Printing with an EasyShare print dock.

Kodak USB cable and a USB computer port

Ensure that the USB cable is connected to a powered USB port and the computer is turned on (not in sleep mode). See www.kodak.com/go/USBcharging.

Purchase accessories

www.kodak.com/go/m1033accessories, m2008accessories

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