Kodak EasyShare M1063/MD1063/MX1063 digital camera — Extended User Guide

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3 Working with pictures/videos

Copying pictures/videos

You can copy pictures/videos from a card to internal memory or from internal memory to a card.

Before you copy, make sure that:

  • A card is inserted in the camera.

  • The camera's image storage location is set to the location from which you are copying ( ).

Copy pictures/videos:

  1. Press the Review button, then the Menu button.

  2. Press to highlight Copy, then press OK.

  3. Press to highlight an option.

  4. Press OK.

note: Pictures/videos are copied, not moved. To remove pictures/videos from the original location after copying, delete them (see Deleting pictures/videos).

Tags that you applied for print, email, and favorites are not copied. Protection settings are not copied. To apply protection to a picture/video, see Protecting pictures/videos from deletion.

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