KODAK EASYSHARE M381 Digital Camera — User guide

Table of Contents > Doing more with your camera

1 Doing more with your camera

Taking a video
Using Scene (SCN) modes
Using the optical zoom
Using the flash
Using shortcuts
Deleting pictures/videos
Using the menu button to change settings
Understanding the picture-taking icons
Understanding the review icons

Turn the Mode dial to the mode that best suits your subjects and surroundings.

Use this mode For

Smart Capture

General picture taking—excellent image quality and ease of use.


Advanced picture taking—allows access to manual settings.

Blur Reduction

Reducing blur caused by camera shake or subject motion.


Action pictures.


"Stitching" up to 3 pictures into a panoramic scene.


Point-and-shoot simplicity when taking pictures in practically any situation. (See Using Scene (SCN) modes.)


Capturing video with sound. (See Taking a video.)

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