KODAK EASYSHARE C182 Digital Camera — Extended user guide

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3 Working with pictures/videos

Running a slide show

Use Slide Show to display your pictures/videos on the LCD.

  1. Press the Review button, then press the Menu button.

  2. Press to highlight Slide Show, then press OK.

  3. Press to highlight Begin Show, then press OK.

    Each picture/video is displayed once. To interrupt the Slide Show, press OK.

IMPORTANT: Your camera offers a built-in Help system. Getting help from your camera.

Displaying pictures/videos on a television

You can display pictures/videos on a television, computer monitor, or any device equipped with a video input. To connect the camera directly to a television, use an A/V cable (may be sold separately).

Purchase accessories


NOTE: Ensure that the Video Out setting (NTSC or PAL) is correct ( ). The slide show stops if you connect or disconnect the cable while the slide show is running. (Image quality on a television screen may not be as good as on a computer monitor or when printed.)

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