KODAK EASYSHARE C182 Digital Camera — Extended user guide

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5 Transferring, printing, tagging

Installing the software

  1. Close all open software applications before starting the installation.

    NOTE: If running WINDOWS OS and installing EASYSHARE Software from the Kodak Web site, do not close the WinZip application. If prompted, allow EASYSHARE Software to access the Internet.

  2. Place the KODAK EASYSHARE Software CD into the CD-ROM drive.

  3. Load the software:

    WINDOWS OS - if the install window does not appear, choose Run from the Start menu and type d:\setup.exe where d is the drive letter that contains the CD.

    MAC OS X - double-click the CD icon on the desktop, then click the Install icon.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

    NOTE: When prompted, register your camera and software. Registering lets you sign up for information that keeps your system up-to-date. To register later, visit www.kodak.com/go/register.

  5. If prompted, restart the computer.

For software help, click the Help button in EASYSHARE Software.

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