KODAK ESP C315 All-in-One Printer — User's Manual

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10 Troubleshooting

Status lights

The status lights indicate the condition of the printer. There are two status lights on the printer: one on the on/off button that indicates power, the other indicates Wi-Fi status.

Power light

Power light What it means


The printer is turned off.

Press the on/off button to turn on power.

The printer does not have power.

Make sure that the power cord is plugged into the back of the printer and into an electrical outlet, and that the electrical outlet has power.


The printer is busy.

Wait for the printer to finish the task.


The printer is ready.

Wi-Fi connectivity LED

Wi-Fi connectivity LED What it means


The Wi-Fi radio is either turned off or is turned on but not connected to a wireless network.

Blinks continuously

The Wi-Fi radio is turned on, and the printer is searching for available wireless networks within range.

Blinks intermittently

The Wi-Fi radio is turned on and the printer cannot find any available wireless networks within range, or the Wi-Fi radio connection has been interrupted, or is too weak to send signals to and from the printer.

To find and connect to an available wireless network within range, press OK , turn the Wi-Fi radio off, and run the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard (see Connecting to a wireless network).


The Wi-Fi radio is turned on, and there is a working connection between the printer and a wireless network.

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