KODAK ESP C315 All-in-One Printer — User's Manual

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1 Printer Overview

Configuring printer settings

To set or change basic printer settings:

  1. Press Home.

  2. Press to select Printer Settings, then press OK.

  3. Press to select one of the following settings:

    • Date and Time

      • Press OK, then press to select Year, Month, Day, Hour, or Minute.

      • Press or to change the values; press OK when you are done making changes.

      • Press Back to go back to the Printer Settings menu.

    • Time to Low Power

      • To conserve energy, your printer will enter a low power (sleep) mode after being idle for a default delay time of 1 hour. You can increase the delay time to low power (in 0.5 hour increments) up to 4 hours. Increasing the delay time may result in reduced energy savings.

        Press to change the time to energy-saving sleep mode (select from 1 to 4 hours in 0.5 hour increments).

    • Tagged Images Printing (see Printing tagged pictures)

      • Press to select Off or On.

    • Language

      • Press OK, press to select a language, then press OK.

    • Country/Region

      • Press OK, press to select a country or region, then press OK.

    • Reset All Settings (see Resetting factory defaults)

      NOTE: Resetting factory defaults does not change the date and time, language, country/region, or network settings.

    • Printer Info

      • Press OK to view the Firmware Version number; press OK when you are done.

  4. Press Back to return to the Main Menu.

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