KODAK EASYSHARE Camera / Z5010 — Extended user guide

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5 Doing more with your camera

Using the Setup menu

Setting More information

Date & Time

Set date and time.

LCD Brightness

Choose LCD brightness during picture/video capture. (During Review, the LCD is set to High Power.)

High Power - Brighter LCD; uses more battery power.

Power Save - Dimmer LCD; uses less power.

Auto - LCD brightness is automatically adjusted according to environment.

Date Stamp

Add the date to pictures you take next.

See Turning on the Date Stamp feature.

Share Button Settings

Choose what is displayed when the Share button is pressed.

Show or hide:

  • Individual social networking sites

  • E-mail addresses (all or none)

  • KODAK PULSE Digital Frames (all or none)

Capture Frame Grid

In a P and M modes, show a framing grid.



Orientation Sensor

Orient pictures so that they are displayed with the correct side up.

On - The camera rotates pictures so that all appear in the same orientation on the camera.

On Transfer - The camera rotates pictures when they are transferred to your computer.

Off - Pictures are not rotated.

Camera Sounds

Choose volume, and choose sound effects for each function.

Exit On


Power On

Focus Lock




Video Out

Choose the regional setting that lets you connect the camera to a television or other external device.

NTSC - Used in North America and Japan; most common format.

PAL - Used in Europe and China.

Image Storage

Choose a storage location for pictures/videos.

Auto - The camera uses the card if one is in the camera. If not, the camera uses internal memory.

Internal Memory - The camera always uses internal memory, even if a card is installed.


Choose your language.

Reset Camera

Reset settings to their default.

Computer Connection

Choose which application is downloaded or launched when you connect the camera to the computer.

KODAK Software

Other Application (APPLE iPHOTO, etc.)

IMPORTANT: To use the social networking features, you must install the KODAK Share Button App (Install software).


Formatting deletes all pictures/videos. Removing a card during formatting may damage the card.

Memory Card - Deletes everything on the card; formats the card.

Cancel - Exits without making a change.

Internal Memory - Deletes everything in internal memory including email addresses; formats the internal memory.


View camera information.

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