Kodak EasyShare P850 zoom digital camera — User's guide

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5 Troubleshooting

Camera problems

For step-by-step product support, visit www.kodak.com/go/p850support and select Interactive Troubleshooting and Repairs.

If... Try one or more of the following

Camera does not turn on

  • Remove battery and verify that it's the correct type, then reinsert it.

  • Insert a charged battery.

  • Place the camera on a Kodak EasyShare camera dock (sold separately), then try again.

  • Connect the camera to a Kodak 5-volt AC adapter (sold separately), then try again. See Battery information for more battery information.

Camera does not turn off and the lens does not retract

Camera buttons and controls do not function

Lens does not extend when camera turns on or does not retract

  • Confirm that the battery in camera is charged.

  • Turn camera on and off again.

  • Lens doesn't extend in Favorites.

  • If problem still exists, get help (see Helpful links).

EVF/LCD screen is black or does not turn on

  • Remove the lens cap.

  • Push the EVF/LCD toggle button to change display.

  • Press any button to restore the EVF/LCD from power off.

In Review, a blue or black screen is displayed instead of a picture

  • Transfer the picture to the computer.

  • Transfer all pictures to the computer (see Transferring pictures ).

  • Take another picture. If problem still continues try internal memory and/or another memory card.

Pictures remaining number does not decrease after taking a picture

  • Continue taking pictures. The camera is operating normally.

(The camera estimates the number of pictures remaining after each picture is taken, based on picture size and content.)

Picture orientation is not accurate

  • Set the Orientation Sensor to ON ().

Flash does not fire

Storage location is almost or entirely full

  • Change image storage location to internal memory ().

You cannot take a picture

Error message appears on EVF/LCD screen

  • Follow action recommended on screen.

  • Note error number, if given; then turn the camera off then back on.

  • Remove the battery and wipe the contacts with a clean, dry cloth (Additional care and maintenance), then reinstall it.

  • Remove memory card from the camera.

  • Wait for any blinking lights to stop; then turn the camera off then back on.

  • If all else fails, get customer support help (see Helpful links).

Memory card not recognized or camera freezes with card.

  • Use another memory card.

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