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2 Printer Overview

All-in-One printer Home Center software

Kodak Home Center software is installed on your computer during the setup process. The software functionality for Windows or Macintosh users is described below.

Home Center for Windows

Once installed, Kodak All-in-One printer Home Center software allows you to print, copy, scan, and configure your All-in-One printer from your Windows XP or Vista computer.

To open the Home Center software window on your computer, use the Home Center icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu.

From the All-in-One printer Home Center main menu, selecting one of the six menu items enables you to:

  • Scan pictures and documents

  • Enhance and copy pictures

  • Enhance and print images

  • Configure settings for printing, copying, and scanning from the control panel

  • Access the Kodak Tips and Projects Center Web site

  • Order supplies from the Kodak Web site

The functions of the three small icons located in the upper-right corner of the Home Center window are shown below:

Returns you to the main Home Center window

Displays the Status Monitor

Displays a Help panel for the Home Center software

Home Center for Macintosh

After installing the software on your Macintosh OS X computer, you can select the Home Center from the System Preference's Print & Fax pane by selecting your All-in-One printer in the Printer List, clicking the Print Queue button, and clicking the Utility icon. Or, you can use the Home Center icon displayed in your Dock.

The Home Center window displays three tabs: Select, Setup, and Maintenance.

From the Select tab, you can select your All-in-One printer from a list of connected printers.

From the Setup tab, you can configure stand-alone printing, copying, and scanning settings:

  • AiO Printer: This option lets you:

    • Synchronize your printer's date and time to the computer

    • Select what quality you prefer for printing on plain (not photo-quality) paper

    • Specify whether a date will be printed on the front of a photo printed from the All-in-One printer

    • Specify whether the printer automatically applies "scene balance" to digital pictures it prints

    • Change the name of the printer

  • Scan: This option lets you configure settings for scanning, saving, and specifying the application(s) used for opening and editing scanned pictures and documents.

From the Maintenance tab, you can:

  • Print a test page

  • Align the printhead

  • Run a printhead nozzle correction

  • Clean the printhead

  • Click About this Printer to view the printer model number, its Kodak Service Number, and the version of printer firmware used to operate the printer

From both the Setup and Maintenance and tabs you can:

  • Order Supplies: This option allows you to order supplies online from the Kodak web site.

  • View/Hide Status: This option opens a drawer displaying the configuration status of your All-in-One printer.

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