KODAK PULSE Digital Frame — Extended user guide

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1 Getting started

Activating your frame—www.kodakpulse.com

The activation screen appears the first time you connect to your wireless network (see Connecting to your wireless network). Activating your digital frame is the first step in adding pictures from your computer to your digital frame using a free, Web-based application. In addition, you can set up your account so that you and your friends can email pictures to your digital frame. You can even add pictures to your digital frame from KODAK Gallery or from FACEBOOK Social Network accounts, if available in your region or language.

You can activate multiple digital frames on your account.

NOTE: If someone else set up your digital frame or if you are receiving it as a gift, the activation screen may not appear. See Is this PULSE Digital Frame a gift?.

  1. Write down and save the frame activation code.

  • A 6-character activation code appears on the screen after the digital frame is connected to your wireless network.

  • You can also find a different, 12-character activation code on the package beneath the serial number and UPC bar code. Your package may look different from the illustration.

NOTE: You can use either activation code.

  2. Go to www.kodakpulse.com.

  1. Create a new account or sign in to your existing account.

  2. Follow the instructions to set up your account and enter your activation code.

Your PULSE Digital Frame communicates with the Web server to verify your account information.

NOTE: For details on working with your kodakpulse.com account on your computer, click Help.

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