Kodak EasyShare photo printer 500 — User's Guide

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7 Troubleshooting

Wireless network connection

Problem Cause and/or solution

Photo printer cannot connect to the network

  • A Kodak Wi-Fi card is not inserted or is not fully inserted. Reinsert the Wi-Fi card (Printing and transferring over a Wi-Fi wireless network).

  • Check the power connections.

  • Make sure the wireless router and network are running before the photo printer begins scanning for a network.

  • Out of range of the Wi-Fi signal. Make sure the photo printer is located within the operating range of the Wi-Fi wireless network.

  • The photo printer network settings are incorrect. Using the Wi-Fi wireless configuration utility on your computer, change the settings to match those of the network.

    See the Wi-Fi wireless configuration utility Help for details.

  • There is interference in the wireless signal (such as a microwave oven). Wait until there is no interference, then try again.

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