KODAK ESP C315 All-in-One Printer — User's Manual

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9 Maintaining Your Printer

General care and cleaning
Replacing ink cartridges
Updating the software and printer firmware
Monitoring and adjusting printer performance
Replacing the printhead

Your printer requires little maintenance. However, Kodak recommends cleaning the scanner glass and lid regularly to remove dust and fingerprints, which affect the quality and accuracy of scanning.

Except while cleaning the printer, keep the printer plugged into an AC power outlet. If you use a power strip, don't turn off the power strip. (The printer does not need to be turned on but should be plugged in.)

For optimal performance, keep the printer connected to a computer that is powered on and has the KODAK Home Center Software installed, or keep the printer powered on and connected to the Internet through a wireless network.

Keep the printhead and ink cartridges in the printer at all times to help prevent damage to the printhead.

For recycling and/or disposal information, contact your local authorities. In the US, go to the Electronics Industry Alliance at www.eia.org or go to www.kodak.com/go/recycle.

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