KODAK EASYSHARE Camera / Z5010 — Extended user guide

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2 Taking pictures/videos

Program and Manual modes

Use these modes when you want more control over your camera and pictures.

Mode When to use Press to control

Program mode offers the ease of auto shooting with full access to all menu options. The camera automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture (f-stop) based on the scene lighting.

Exposure compensation (how much light enters the camera), flash compensation, and ISO speed

Manual mode offers a high level of control. (To prevent blur, use a tripod for slow shutter speeds.)

Aperture, shutter speed, flash compensation, and ISO speed

NOTE: Settings you change in P or M modes apply only to pictures taken in those modes. The settings, including Flash, are maintained for P and M modes—even when you change modes or turn off the camera. Use Reset Camera ( ) to reset P or M modes to their default settings.

Changing P or M mode settings

  1. Turn the Mode dial to P or M.

    NOTE: P and M give access to different settings. (See Program and Manual modes.)

  2. Press the Info button .

  3. Press to choose a setting, then press OK to edit the setting. Press to change a setting, then press OK to save it.

ISO - adjust the camera's sensitivity to light. Higher ISO indicates greater sensitivity.

NOTE: A higher ISO may produce unwanted "noise" in a picture.

Flash Compensation - adjust flash brightness.

Exposure Compensation - adjust the exposure. If the scene is too light, decrease the setting; if it's too dark, increase the setting.

Shutter speed - control how long the shutter stays open. (Use a tripod for slow shutter speeds.)

Aperture - (also known as f-stop) control the size of the lens opening, which determines the depth of field.

  • Smaller aperture numbers indicate a larger lens opening; good for low-light.

  • Larger aperture numbers indicate a smaller lens opening; keeps the main subject sharp; good for landscapes and well-lit conditions.

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