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8 Faxing

Preparing a fax for transmission

Before sending a fax, load the original (plain paper only) print side up in the automatic document feeder (ADF). See Loading an original for faxing.

Never load photo paper into the automatic document feeder (ADF) on the ESP 9; the ADF only accepts plain paper. If you load photo paper in the ADF, the printer displays a warning on the LCD screen, and will not send the Fax.

Printing a fax cover page

If you do not create a fax cover sheet using a third-party application (for example, word-processing software), you can print one with the ESP 9 All-in-One printer.

  1. Before sending your Fax, press Menu from the control panel.

  2. Press to select Fax. Settings and press OK.

  3. Press to select Print Fax Cover Page and press OK.

  4. Load 8.5x11 or A4 paper as needed, and then press Start.

    The printer produces a Fax cover sheet, which provides space for entering the following:

    • Information about the recipient (company, Fax number, recipient name)

    • Information about the sender (company, Fax number, phone number, sender name)

    • Number of pages in the Fax, including the cover page

    • Message to the recipient

  5. Complete the items on the cover sheet as appropriate.

  6. Place the Fax Cover Sheet before the first page of the original document used for your fax transmission.

  7. Use one of the following procedures to send the fax:

Changing send fax settings

If, before sending your fax, you want to modify any fax settings, you can use the Send Fax Options menu now.

  1. From the control panel, press Menu.

  2. Press to select Send Fax and then press OK. Fax Options is selected by default.

  3. Press OK to display the Send Fax Options menu.

  4. Press to select an item you want to change.

    • To change the Resolution, Color or Brightness items, press the or buttons on the control panel to change the value for the setting; then press OK.

    • If you select Edit Phonebook, press OK. See Fax Phonebook entries to review the procedure for adding, editing, or deleting a Fax Phonebook entry. When you are finished, press Menu to return to the Send Fax Options menu.

    • Any changes you make in the Edit Phonebook menu are saved when you complete each entry.

    • Any changes you make to the fax settings apply only to the current fax operation.

  5. If you want to save the changes as default settings, press to select Save as Defaults and then press OK.

  6. If you have not created a fax cover page, you can do so before sending your fax. See Printing a fax cover page. Otherwise, use one of the following procedures to send the fax:

Send Fax options

The available fax settings are shown below:

Menu Options View Settings / Select Settings

Edit Phonebook


Add New Entry

Edit Entry

Delete Entry









Black & White



-3 to +3

Save As Defaults


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